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I created my CC srt file in Adobe Premier Pro and applied colour/font details, but these don't pull through when added to an MP4 in DKO. Is this correct? If so, is there a way to edit the CC styles within DKO?

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WCAG 2.1 says we should be able to zoom to 200% in the browser without loss of content, but at 150% our content runs off the page, with no horizontal scroll. We've checked in the publishing profiles and theme settings to see if zoom functions are limited but can't find anything. How do we prevent this loss of content at zoom from happening? Our content is in Flow. 

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When using a pop up, there are 2 options to close the window, a cross in the top right and a close button at the bottom. is there a way of removing the close button?

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Hi All, 

Im creating a course for some, lets say, unruly teenagers and want them to be able to enter a username using a Text Input element. 



Is there a way of making sure its only appropriate language used? 

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Hi Community, I need some help creating a variable condition,


I have created a drag and drop game, 

2 x drop targets (Asset or Not an Asset) that when a draggable is drop on, fires a boolean variable.


14 draggable objects, when dropped on either drop target, show a text box. The draggable objects have mixed correct answers, some Assets and some Not Assets. 


The boolean determines which text appears when the draggable is dropped. 


I want a variable t...

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