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When using a pop up, there are 2 options to close the window, a cross in the top right and a close button at the bottom. is there a way of removing the close button?

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Hi All, 

Im creating a course for some, lets say, unruly teenagers and want them to be able to enter a username using a Text Input element. 



Is there a way of making sure its only appropriate language used? 

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Hi Community, I need some help creating a variable condition,


I have created a drag and drop game, 

2 x drop targets (Asset or Not an Asset) that when a draggable is drop on, fires a boolean variable.


14 draggable objects, when dropped on either drop target, show a text box. The draggable objects have mixed correct answers, some Assets and some Not Assets. 


The boolean determines which text appears when the draggable is dropped. 


I want a variable t...

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