Nancy Bacon has committed her professional career in L&D to supporting nonprofits. She joins us to share her insights into this world and how you can benefit from knowing a little more about them. Join us for this unique look into the world of L&D and nonprofits.



Nonprofit organizations need training too. Just like the for-profit enterprise, a nonprofit has learning needs. Some of that learning is unique to the nonprofit world. And just like SMBs and large enterprises, nonprofits come in all sizes. And as these organizations scale up, so do their training needs. If you're an L&D professional you may have considered working for, or consulting with, a nonprofit. Much of your work will remain the same, but understanding the unique nature of the nonprofit entity will help you succeed and avoid common pit falls.

Since many trainees are volunteers, as you might imagine, motivating them to action is a challenge. This is Nancy's specialty and applies adult learning theories to make that action happen.

Just because you don't work in a nonprofit doesn't mean this episode isn't for you. This episode is exactly for you. You may not work in a nonprofit currently, but at some point you will, or should, be a volunteer. Your skills could be just the thing a struggling nonprofit needs and we're here to help you. Join us for this unique look into the world of L&D and nonprofits.

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