Theme setting plus language setting allows you to set content to display properly for supporting Hebrew, Arabic and other right-to-left languages

To support languages that display right-to-left requires two things to be in place:

  • Use of a Theme that supports RTL
  • Setting the Project language to a language that uses RTL

RTL Example

This Hebrew translated version of our Become a Wine Expert sample course has been set up as RTL.

View Example >> 

Themes that support Right-to-Left display

Three of dominKnow's available Themes can be used to support right-to-left languages:

  • Claro No Navigation for Claro content 
  • Course Player Experience for Claro and Flow content
  • Storyview for Flow content


To use the Course Player or Storyview Themes, you will need to create a version of the Theme that sets the navigation/player bars to display as Right to Left.

That setting is available on the Theme Designer's Player tab: 


Since the Claro No Navigation theme doesn't display navigation or player bars there is no need for a right-to-left setting.

This article explains how to create a Custom Theme:

Creating a new custom Theme from a default Player Experience >>

Project Language Setting

In addition to using a theme set to support RTL, you also need to set the Project's Language to your RTL language.

This setting tells the on-page content such as text elements to display right-to-left.

The Language setting is on the Project Properties Panel, available by selecting the drop-down triangle beside the Project name at the top of the interface.

On the Project Properties panel you can select the target language from the Languages drop down list. 

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