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"I have a page with a lot of text and four links. While clicking on these links is not required to proceed to the next page, I want to set up the 'disable previous' page and 'enable next' page buttons on this page. This means that visitors will have to scroll down to the end of the page before the next button becomes available and they can proceed. I'd like to avoid using the navigation functions on the ribbon pane, if possible, and just use triggers or actions. 

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1) I want to be able to disable each page on the PLAYER menu until the learner interacts or completes all the content on the existing page before moving forward, similar to sequential order; except, I want all the pages DISABLED on the player until the learner interacts with the information on that given page.

Currently, I have the course navigation set to sequential order, but the next consecutive page is enabled (on the menu) before the learner is done completing the following page. ...

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