How to setup a disable/enable trigger for just a text page & 4 non-mandatory links (do not have to be clicked to proceed)

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Posted   6 months ago

"I have a page with a lot of text and four links. While clicking on these links is not required to proceed to the next page, I want to set up the 'disable previous' page and 'enable next' page buttons on this page. This means that visitors will have to scroll down to the end of the page before the next button becomes available and they can proceed. I'd like to avoid using the navigation functions on the ribbon pane, if possible, and just use triggers or actions. 


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avatar Chris Van Wingerden   |    
Posted   6 months ago

If you are looking to enable the Next and Back buttons once the page has been scrolled to the bottom (and not require the learner to have viewed all the linked content), then you can:

  1. On the Interact tab, select the Disable Next and Disable Previous options in the Navigation section
  2. Select the very last element on your page
  3. Select the Actions icon (lightning bolt)
  4. At the top of the panel it will be preset to a trigger of "When I am Clicked". Select the See all option beside that.
  5. On the panel that opens, select When this Element is Scrolled in from the bottom.
  6. Select Next
  7.  On the left-side menu select Player Controls
  8. Select Enable both Next and Back buttons
  9. Select Next.
  10. The Element Interactions panel will open to the right pf the stage. Select Apply

If you want to ensure that the linked content has also been viewed and if the linked content is either other elements on the page or modal content like Pop Ups, you can instead use the Current Page is complete trigger to enable the Next and Back buttons. That trigger is available on the Interact tab >> Triggers >> Current Page is Complete.

The Current page is Complete trigger is really more of a "all hidden content has been shown to the learner" trigger, so if the linked content is set to open external URLs then this trigger may not be enough. You may also, in that case, need to use variables to track that each of the links has been clicked on. 





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