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I need to transfer administrator privileges to another person for one of my Claro projects. How is this done? 

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I have been notified by two reviewers for a course that I created that the reviewer tool is not displaying when they access the site. Has anyone else reported a similar problem?

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Hello, I am having some problems setting up test questions to function the way I want them to in Claro. Here is what my client wants:
The learner answers all questions in the test. There should be no feedback. Just select an answer, click Submit and move to the next question. At the end, if the passing score is achieved, the correct answers for all questions can be shown. The learner is given two attempts to pass. If they fail the first one, they can go back and take it again. If they fail ag...

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What does it mean when you hover over a learning object in the Outline in the authoring tool and a popup message displays, "Not checked out"?

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I have created a carousel in Claro. There is only line of text on each tab. When it displays there is a vertical scroll bar. No matter how much I enlarge the carousel, the scroll bar displays. I can't seem to get rid of it. Is there a way to disable this feature?

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I have uploaded documents into the Course Resource Manager. Inside the course I have links to the documents. Some documents open while others download without opening. In all the links I created I selected the "New Window" as the option in which to open them. This happens with files of the same format. For example, one Word document opens in Word while the other one just downloads. I need to create a consistent learner experience. Are there any other settings that I have missed?

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