The Video Playlist widgets make it easy to add a collection of Vimeo or YouTube videos to any page

Playlists are a great way to bring together a set of videos into a single lesson.

When added to a Flow page, the Playlist is responsive. On wider screens the list of videos will display on the right side of the main video panel. On narrower screens the list of videos will be shown under the main video panel.

NOTE: You can't mix YouTube and Vimeo videos in the same Playlist.

Configuring a Youtube or Vimeo playlist

It's pretty straightforward to set up the Playlist.

After you've aadded one to a Page, the Configure your Playlist panel will open.

Check out the drag and drop option for adding more videos, it's a great time saver.

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The Options tab offers controls for the display and behavior of the playlist:


Under Variations you can choose whether or not to display a thumbnail of the video along with the Title and Description text.

Under Playlist you can set whether the menu will show the Description text, the video time and whether the playlist should autoplay from one video to the next.

You can also set the breakpoint at which the playlist's responsive behaviour will be triggered. 

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