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I have added a multiple choice question to an existing page. One answer is correct. I want to offer multiple attempts at the question but I want my own incorrect feedback to show when their answer is incorrect, before they select try again. When I turn off multiple attempts the incorrect feedback shows, but I can't work out how to have both options.

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Is there a way to change the size of the body text style? I'm wary of choosing heading styles for body text because of the risk of skipping heading levels and being less accessible as a result, but the body text seems a little too small. I can see how to edit heading level styles but not paragraph/body text.

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What's the best practice advice for ensuring glossary terms within a page are accessible to those using assistive technology? When I add a glossary term to a word, the screen reader will read the word as a link and then you can use the keyboard to open that glossary text box. However, this method doesn't recognise the glossary link when using the screen reader to search the hierarchy of the page. I've also tried adding a lightbox action to a word as a glossary pop-up. This is recognised by th...

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The WCAG guideline 1.4.4 mentions the need for a user to be able to resize text without assistive technology up to 200%. Is this something that DKO offers? 

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