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I'm trying to 1.) upload a PDF resource, and 2.) add a link to that resource in a richtext box. I keep trying to upload the PDF, but it won't appear in my project's assets, even in the same dialog I'm using to upload it. It's like it's just ignoring the PDF. But even if I could get that to work, I can't find any information about how to add a text link to document resources. Is that explained anywhere?

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I'm trying to get branching to work in a course that I'm building in Claro, and it's becoming clear that it simply lacks the ability to do anything but the most rudimentary of content-skipping. Will this be improved in the coming update? 
For what it's worth, here's what the course should do (and it can't):

User selects their role from two options on page one in Intro module, marking one of two boolean variables I created (I opted for separate variables in case more roles need to be added l...

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I prefer to avoid adding extra carriage returns to create spacing between paragraphs, so I was happy when I discovered the "Add paragraph dom element" button, which adds a few pixels of space between paragraphs that are otherwise adjacent. (I understand the nature of what the button's doing, essentially wrapping each paragraph in "p" tags.)  Unfortunately, that button is either a little wonky or I'm not using it right, because getting it to work consistently is kind of challenging. Sometimes ...

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The course I'm building included 40 different questions, so I decided to try to import them using the Excel import function. It worked great, but I don't know if I did something wrong after they were successfully imported. 
After import, the questions were dumped into a "Test Questions" (I think that's what it was called) module/object. They're meant to be spread throughout the course, so I dragged them out of the Test Questions module and into each of their relevant Learning Objects. Unfortu...

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I can't seem to find a way to manually change the amount of space between a shape's text frame and the shape's boundaries. It seems like Claro forces an extremely large amount of padding when it can, and only reduces it when it's absolutely forced to due to space constraints. I'd like to keep the text in a shape from wrapping unnecessarily, but that forced padding is foiling my efforts. Is that a predetermined value that I'm not supposed to be able to adjust as a user, or am I somehow missing...

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How do I add new drag elements and drop targets to a Categorization question? Do I just add new shapes to the page and then identify those as drop targets? If so, is there any way to rename the added shapes to make them easier to identify? Or am I missing something and going in the wrong direction entirely?

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When I use a filled shape to hold text, I'm noticing that the frame holding the text within the shape doesn't share the shape's boundaries. Is this the intended behavior? I'm skeptical that it is, because it leads to situations where text bleeds outside of the shape when padding is applied. Am I misapplying some other setting, or is this a bug?

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What is the purpose of the Tile Cards interactive component? I've searched the available resources, and I can't figure out what it's for. Is it just for navigation purposes, like "Click the icon to continue", or is it meant to display content that's initially hidden when the user clicks the icon? And if so, how does that work?
If it's only for navigation, I think it's a little confusing to have it grouped with content-based interactive elements like Tabs and Accordions.

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I find it helpful (if not necessary) when building out courses to have a sort of "guide window" open that I can use as a visual reference. That's not a big deal with locally-installed applications, but I'm concerned that it might be problematic in Claro. Is there any reason that I wouldn't want to have two separate Claro courses (not the same course twice) open at the same time?

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