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Posted   19 days ago

I am in the process of creating a course that is immersive by incorporating 360 media, predominantly 360 photos. Does DominKnow support 360 media assets that allow the student to interact and explore within the player? If not, is there an HTML player that can be used to support this?


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19 days ago     jdomingo     0   |   0  

That is a good question especially for modernizing into the digital age. I am also curious to find out if answer to this.

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avatar Paul Schneider   |    
Posted   18 days ago

dominKnow | ONE does not currently support 360 images. We have researched this and in the future will be looking to bring the same type of capability we have with our videos and interactivity/layers/actions etc. to this type of format. 

In the meantime you can use really any tool that creates an HTML 360 viewer and bring that into dominKnow either as:

  1. An embeded web page (this option is under insert -> video )
  2. Or as an HTML widget (this option is under engage -> HTML widget)

If you need to have something in the 360 experience trigger a variable or action in the player, you can use our contentAPI to program (through Javascript) to set these elements.




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