Is there a way to convert target pages to primary pages that show in your main project structure?

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Posted   7 months ago

I currently have a project that was developed in Claro that includes quite a few target pages to incorporate branching. The customer wants to eliminate any type of branching or extraneous clicking and has asked that I make the project linear. Is there a way for me to convert the target pages to main pages? Or do I need to redo every page from scratch? When I click on new page from existing project the only options I get are "Structure" and "Master". 



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avatar Paul Schneider   |    
Posted   6 months ago

We do not currently have a method to do exactly this. 

However, you can use the "add to your page" function to copy that page into your Flow or Claro page.

  1. In your main structure add a blank page
  2. Click on the "add to your page" function to the right above the page in the black bar
  3. Use the search to search for the page. (If your target page has a unique name or content in it this will be easier to find).
  4. Select insert once the page has been found. 

This will copy the page into the page. However, not all items (such as actions/triggers) will come over, so do review the page to make sure it is doing all you want before deleting the target page.



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