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Is there any way to use the built in variables with Element States? I'm assuming not since they aren't available in the drop-down, but I thought I would ask :)

I want to customize the display of an image on the Module summary screen based on the performance of a Pre-test score, so would like to be able to access {{sys.currentModule.pretestscore}} .



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Hi there, I am working from a duplicated project. The parent project contained 18+ documents that launched on button clicks. The new project only has 1 button and document, yet the original collection of 18 documents is still being published in the scormcontent > assets folder. Is there a way to remove these from the duplicate course so that they do not publish? 

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My {{sys.course.duration}} variable is yielding 60 - been looking through the User Guide but I cannot figure out where that number is coming from. The course timing should be around 25 minutes. Is this a number I can adjust manually in a setting somewhere?

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Is it possible to have 5 initial response options in a scenario? It appears to be limited to only for initial choices, but I may be missing something. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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After submitting answers to a Question, is there a way to make feedback checkmarks appear on the right side of all correct answer choices regardless of the user selection? (instead of just the ones they picked?) 
We are finding challenges with color alone being an indicator.

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Hello there - we've been getting some complaints about the number of clicks it takes to get through a Practice Question. Is there a setting that allows the feedback to be instant (eliminating a submit button, which to me would not be logical) - or to automatically advance the page after the feedback popup is closed?
Tried adding an action on the default submit to go to the next page... would be great if there were something that would trigger that on popup close.
I think we could customize so...

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Hi there,
Is there a way to open a Target page in a new browser window? I see "custom" protocol in the options, but not sure what to do from there. 
I see these instructions for an external site...thought maybe the solution would be similar. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Is it possible to copy Target pages between projects?
I noticed New Target Page > From Existing - provides options for selecting from the Structure and Master Pages, but I don't see Target pages as an option.

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Is it possible to export Media Library information to a spreadsheet, and perhaps even manage the data this way (i.e. - apply tags to multiple elements at once)? (maybe there's a way to do it in dominknow without spreadsheet :))


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Hi there, I thought I heard or saw somewhere that it's possible to import Claro content into a Flow project (kind of like Rise can use Storyline blocks...).
Is there an automated type way to do that? I thought about exporting a package and using a WebWindow, but seems like there should be a simpler way and I'm just not figuring it out yet.

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So I'm a newbie - trying to make a Four Step sequencing activity from the templated page that has Three Steps. Can't figure it out. Thinking there has got to be an easy way to add a set of Draggable items and Targets, as you would with other Question elements, but am not just not getting it. Any help is appreciated.

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