Built-in/System Variables & Element States

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Posted   one month ago

Is there any way to use the built in variables with Element States? I'm assuming not since they aren't available in the drop-down, but I thought I would ask :)


I want to customize the display of an image on the Module summary screen based on the performance of a Pre-test score, so would like to be able to access {{sys.currentModule.pretestscore}} .


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avatar Paul Schneider   |    
Posted   one month ago

Yes indeed you can do this. From the drop down of variables you can only select the Custom variables. However you are wanting to trigger this off a system variable. Here is the most common methods to accomplish this: 

  1. Set the trigger to be when the page loads (timeline / page timing) trigger.
  2. Under the last step where you see the blank conditions box, this is where you add in the conditions.
    1. Right click or type {{ to get the list of variables and select the pretest score for the current module variable add your argument and then score.
      1. e.g., 
        {{sys.currentModule.pretest}} == 90


        {{sys.currentModule.pretest}} > 80


The end result is your state will look to change on page load, but only if it ALSO meets the specific condition. 



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one month ago     prabha10     198   |   6  

Woo hoo! Cool! :) Thank you Paul!