Built-in/System Variables & Element States

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Posted   2 months ago

Is there any way to use the built in variables with Element States? I'm assuming not since they aren't available in the drop-down, but I thought I would ask :)


I want to customize the display of an image on the Module summary screen based on the performance of a Pre-test score, so would like to be able to access {{sys.currentModule.pretestscore}} .


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avatar Paul Schneider   |    
Posted   2 months ago

Yes indeed you can do this. From the drop down of variables you can only select the Custom variables. However you are wanting to trigger this off a system variable. Here is the most common methods to accomplish this: 

  1. Set the trigger to be when the page loads (timeline / page timing) trigger.
  2. Under the last step where you see the blank conditions box, this is where you add in the conditions.
    1. Right click or type {{ to get the list of variables and select the pretest score for the current module variable add your argument and then score.
      1. e.g., 
        {{sys.currentModule.pretest}} == 90


        {{sys.currentModule.pretest}} > 80


The end result is your state will look to change on page load, but only if it ALSO meets the specific condition. 



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2 months ago     prabha10     198   |   6  

Woo hoo! Cool! :) Thank you Paul!