Does dominKnow have any built-in capability to pull data from an LRS?

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Posted   5 days ago

We're exploring more about xAPI and have questions...so many questions.

We have done the work, using dominKnow, to send data - out of the box and custom statements - to our LRS.  We know we're sending state data, but what we're not seeing is whether content built in dominKnow is also pulling data - such as bookmarking or already visited type of data we'd normally see in SCORM published courses.

Is that there and I'm not invoking it correctly?  Or do we have to custom code any pull of the data?




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avatar Paul Schneider   |    
Posted   4 days ago

When publishing as xAPI dominKnow will pull "session" data. xAPI (more or less) used the same design as SCORM for session data which typically includes bookmarking information and anything the course wants remembered between sessions.  Like the SCORM session data, it isn't data that is typically directly accessed by users or reports.  

If your xAPI courses are enabling you to exit and return where you left off, that is the best "check" to confirm that data is being received by the course.  You can also display system variables like student ID and Name, which are sent from the LMS or LRS via AICC, SCORM, or xAPI. 

In terms of pulling "Other" data in, we do not currently have any out of the box features for receiving data like we do for sending data. You would need to create an HTML widget (something built outside of dominKnow) to query the LRS and receive data.  You CAN send data, like the student ID or course information into your widget via our content API and of course store any result information in variables in the course or trigger player actions too.


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