Is it possible to create hidden pages in Claro?

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Posted   1 years ago

Is it possible to create hidden pages in Claro, where the hidden pages are not counted in the total number of pages (in the page counter)? 


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avatar Chris Van Wingerden   |    
Posted   1 years ago

A quick question from me - what's your design need?

Here's some general information that may help or apply to what you're looking to do.

You can't hide pages from being counted in the page counter. But you can make a Theme that doesn't have a page counter at all. This is great for Projects that use page linking (branching), where the page count doesn't really apply. After all, there may be 50 pages in the project but if the learner chooses the all-correct pathway then they may only ever see 10 or 20 of those 50 pages, so the idea of a page counter isn't relevant to this type of content. (You can also create a theme without a menu and even no Next or Back buttons for this type of branching pathway, since those navigation options are also not really applicable.) 

Also with Themes you can choose to show just the Learning Object name and not the pages in a Learning Object in the project outline. In this case, the Pages are still counted and shown in the page counter (if you have a page counter in the Theme).

For Flow content you can also create Target pages which you can show in a modal window/lightbox above the main page. These Target Pages are not part of the project's structure, so they don't get included in the Outline and are not counted in the page counter displays. Target Pages have a lot of practical uses, from showing additional content to allowing you to create a menu page that gets shown in a modal window over top of the page.

Do any of these help with what you're looking to do? Let us know!

If we can get a better idea of what your goal is, there may be other things we can suggest.  


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