This multi-purpose feature can help with authoring or serve as speaker notes for presentations

Below the authoring Stage is a tab, Page Notes.

This feature has had an interesting evolution over the course of dominKnow | ONE’s development.

Originally it was created as a way for authors to track notes and information about the page. For example, you can add storyboard-type details to help with the building of the page. Or it could be a place to explain something important about the page design or functionality to other authors who might need to edit it in the future.

Since that original purpose, though, another potential purpose has been added, more like the notes below the page in a PowerPoint deck that get used as speaker notes when doing a presentation.

In fact, when you import a PowerPoint file to start a Claro project, the speaker notes for each page in the deck get imported into the Page Notes panel in the Claro project.

And when you publish your project you can display the Page Notes in a second browser by:

  • Using the ILT Theme for Claro projects
  • Using the Open Page Notes in New Window setting in the Publishing Profile when using any other Theme

The ILT Theme for Claro Projects

The ILT Theme is designed to help you use Claro content in contexts where you are presenting on a projector, like instructor-led training and presentations.

In addition to opening the Project in a browser, it opens a second browser to display the Page Notes. 

The theme has no navigation bars. You use a standard remote “clicker” or your keyboard’s left/right or up/down arrow keys or Page Up and Page down keys to move through the content.

And as you move from page to page, the Page Notes browser is synchronized with the page changes in the main project browser.

This article has more details on this theme: 

Using the Instructor-Led Training (ILT) theme for Claro content >>

Open Page Notes in New Window setting in the Publishing Profile

If you are using any other Theme, you can also open the Page Notes in a second browser window by turning on the Open Page Notes in New Window setting in the Publishing Profile.

It’s at the top of the Content Options section.

NOTE: This setting doesn’t need to be turned on when using the ILT Theme, the ILT theme has this functionality built in.

Exporting Page Notes as a Document

You can also export the Page Notes if needed.

When you have the Page Notes panel open, the All button (1) opens a panel displaying all the notes from all Pages in the Project.

On that panel you can use the Save to Word Doc button (2) to save the page notes out as a Word doc.

You can also export the page notes by going to the Application Menu >> Export >> Page Notes.

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