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We reached out to the smartest people in the sales training business—Griffin Hill—and partnered with them to create an online version of the proven Griffin Hill Sales System. Our Customizable Courseware Sales Training catalog is based on Griffin Hill’s six-step process. Griffin Hill clients like Xerox® Connect, iHeartMedia®, IntegraCore®, and APlus Benefits® have achieved triple-digit growth using this system—that you can now deliver through online OR classroom training!


Systems create guidelines that help you close deals. 

That’s why eLearning Brothers partnered with leading human and organizational performance company Griffin Hill to create the perfect duo—their Griffin Hill Sales System in our Customizable Courseware.

What is the Griffin Hill Sales System? Griffin Hill’s founder, Dr. Scott Baird, researched the top 1% of salespeople to find out their secrets to success. Over the years, Griffin Hill perfected the Sales System in over 144,000 cases, and their clients have consistently seen sales and profitability increases of as much as 300 – 400%!


Each Course Includes:

  • A fully editable Flow version of the course
  • A fully editable Claro version of the course
  • ILT training version (facilitator guide, participant workbook, PowerPoint presentation, Quiz, and Job Aid)


NOTE: Library under development and available for pre-release discounts.

Leaverage the Science of Sales Success

Follow the proven path to more closes and higher revenue.

Leverage the Science of Sales Success will introduce to you to the Griffin Hill Sales System and help you up your sales game. This system is based on the science of human performance, and provides an accurate roadmap to success in sales. The Griffin Hill Sales System can be taught and learned. It’s not innate in anyone, but something that can be learned by everyone—including you!

Kickstart Your Pipeline

The guaranteed, low-risk way to get referrals & qualified leads.

Most organizations don’t have enough leads or a steady flow of new suspects and prospects. Kickstart Your Pipelinefocuses on fulfilling promises, collecting proofs, and harvesting referrals to help strengthen your relationship with customers. Once a sale is complete, don’t abandon the relationship, as many salespeople do—strengthen it, and harvest referrals! Fulfillment & Follow Up helps you do that.

Pitch Like a Pro

The concise, compelling, & confident approach welcomed by prospects.

A salesperson who claims to only speak with pre-qualified prospects might as well paste a giant piece of duct tape over their mouth! Engaging suspects is the only way to determine if they are qualified. The Case Open routine you will learn in Pitch Like a Pro provides a roadmap for engagement to turn suspects into prospects, qualify a suspect for interest, and set an appointment for the next event.

Build Benefits Your Buyers Buy

Engage the secret language of persuasion.

When you first introduce yourself to a sales suspect, you focus on yourself and the organization you represent. That’s a necessary first step. But suspects don’t really care about you. They care about what you can do for them. Build Benefits Your Buyers Buy teaches you how to identify your true benefits in the eyes of your prospect, and set yourself up for success in every step of the sales process.

Schedule the Next Event

The vital sales behavior that immediately doubles your productivity.

Schedule the Next Event will unlock a vital sales behavior that can immediately double your productivity. With the Schedule Next Event play, show your prospect your commitment to giving them a winning solution. This play will help you boost urgency and excitement in the sales process, and increase your odds for success!

Uncover Needs and Goals Together

Reveal pain points & opportunity by asking the right questions in the right order.

Most sales people feel pressured to skip Needs Audit; they want to go straight to Solution Presentation and hope they get it right. This decreases the odds of success. Uncover Needs and Goals Together will show you how to start with a hypothesis, then ask probing questions to uncover the reality of the prospect’s status quo in order to set you up to make the most compelling offer you can.

Sell the Solution

Present a powerful proposal.

Once you have conducted a thorough Needs Audit, you have a competitive advantage. You understand what matters most to your buyer, and you’re prepared to build a customized Solution Presentation that creates value. Sell the Solution will help you propose, persuade, convince, and close the deal.

Solidify Commitment

Employ the call to action close to keep prospects invested, moving, & urgent.

Have you ever gone into a Solution Presentation convinced it was a “done deal,” only to face an unexpected hurdle? Solidify Commitment will show you how to use the Call to Action Close play to shift the action from you to the buyer, capturing the biggest commitment possible right now and keeping momentum moving forward.

Close Difficult Deals

Don’t lose the sale just because it doesn’t close on the first try.

In Case Open you staked your claim. You occupied a unique space in your buyer’s mind. When your close is delayed, the value of your claim is vulnerable to erosion. You may even face an outright attack from a competitor. Don’t lose the sale just because it didn’t close on the first try! Close Difficult Deals will show you how to protect your claim until you can bring the sale to a successful close.

Identifying True Buyer Objections

Separate false flags from real concerns.

Why would a buyer raise a sudden obstacle in the middle of a seemingly smooth sales process? It’s likely a sign of a hidden objection. Don’t get mad; get to the root of the problem! Use the Overcoming Objections 1 plays to Identify True Buyer Objections, then eliminate that barrier or negotiate a work-around.

Manage Obejctions Gracefully

Resolve concerns efficiently & tactfully.

Now that you’ve uncovered the main objection, the only way to overcome it is to solve or minimize it in the mind of your buyer. Show them that the value of acting is far greater than their fear of moving forward, or pain of sticking with the status quo. Overcoming Objections 2 will help you distinguish between simple and complex objections, so you can resolve your prospect’s concerns with respect and empathy.

Build Your Sales Benefit Play

Learn to avoid the biggest mistake salespeople make when pitching their product, craft a personalized benefits play to intensify a prospect’s interest, and differentiate between features, advantages, and benefits.

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