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    00:00  Select the Card on the page.
    00:04  Select the Compnent again, and we'll resize it for you.
    00:08  To edit the content within the Card, select the Edit Icon in the Inline Toolbar, or double-click the Card.
    00:12  In the breadcrumb above the stage, you can see that you are editing the Panel for the Card. To change the Image in the Card, select the Image.
    00:16  Select the Three-Dot Menu in the Inline Toolbar.
    00:20  Select Change.
    00:24  Select the new image courseObjectives_... from the Media Browser.
    00:28  Select Insert.
    00:32  The image has been Changed. Select the Card Heading to edit it and we'll add text for you.
    00:36  The new text is added. Select the Paragraph Text to edit it and we'll add text for you.
    00:40  The new text is added. Select the + icon at the bottom of the component to add more content layouts to the Card.
    00:44  Select the Single-Body Content option.
    00:48  You can use the options to add specific content to this new layout Select the three-dot menu in the Inline Toolbar. Have access to the Options, Styles and FX tabs, Accessibility panel, and add a New Comment, or Delete the component.
    00:52  Select Options.
    00:56  The Options and Style tabs have a number of control and design options for the Card component as a whole. You can change the look of the Panel to show a header, a footer, both or none, change the control settings if a header is added, add icons to the header panel, change the panel header color, add a border, add a background Fill color, and in Flow adjust the Size. Use the FX tab to add effects to the component. Note: Cards with a Button can be added using the Engage Tab. Select Border, in the Options Tab,
    01:00  A Border is added to the Card. Select the Style tab.
    01:04  Select Option 2 under Color (dark blue).
    01:08  The border color of the Card has changed. Select the Page to return to the Page content.
    01:12  Preview the Current Page to see how the Callout will look and behave for your learners.
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