Step 1

To edit a Text element, select it.

Step 2

Select the Pencil icon. (You can also double click the Text element on the Stage to start editing it right away.)

Step 3

The Element's bounding box will now be gold, indicating you are editing it. You'll also see the text input cursor. You can now change or add more text. Click on the default text and we'll replace it with new text for this example.

Step 4

You can use the options on the text editing mini toolbar to set text as bold, italic or underline, as a numbered or bullet list or to set its alignment. The Image icon allows you to add an image within the text element. There are other options available as well, including under the three-dot menu. Once you are finished with your edits, select anywhere on the Stage outside of the text element to leave edit mode and save your changes.

Step 5

You'll see the Saved indicator in the lower right (beside the Commit button) turn to Saving briefly as your changes are saved. There's no need for a Save button in dominKnow | ONE. All content changes are saved as you work. (Changes made to a Text element are saved after you leave the edit mode, rather than saved with every keystroke or change you make while editing.)

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