Quick access to add elements over the image, formatting, editing, actions and more

When you select an Image element the purple Element Controls become available:


From left to right, here's a description of each control.

Menu (three-dot menu)

Selecting the menu (three-dot menu) opens its panel:

  • The Format, Style and FX options open their respective tabs above the Stage.
  • Accessibility opens the Accessibility settings panel below the Stage.
    • Note: If you have not added alt text to the image, the Menu icon will show an exclamation mark instead of three dots, and the Accessibility option will be highlighted.
  • New Comment allows an author to add a Comment to the element.
  • Change allows you to change the image element to a different image.
  • Delete will delete the element.  

Add Elements (plus sign)

Selecting the Add Elements control opens the Add Elements on Top panel to the right of the Stage: 


This lets you add Labels, Markers, Hotspots, other images and more as layers within the image element, over the image. 

Learn more:

>> Adding Markers, Hotspots and more as layers on Image Elements

Container Inspector

In Claro selecting the Container Inspector provides access for an author to set Background options, Alignment, Custom Styles and Hidden on Load status for the Blement.

You can also set Hidden on Load status for the Layer.

And you can set Background options for the Page as a whole.

If any settings are altered on the panel, the Container Inspector control icon will show an added dark purple marker/indicator. 

In Flow selecting the Container Inspector provides more options.

For the Element, authors can set:

  • Background
  • Padding
  • Alignment
  • Custom Styles
  • Hidden on Load

For the Group, authors can set:

  • Background
  • Custom Styles
  • Hidden on Load

For the Row, authors can set:

  • Background
  • Match Height
  • Alignment

For the Section, authors can set:

  • Background
  • Height
  • Alignment

For the Page, authors can set Background.

If any settings are altered on the panel, the Container Inspector control icon will show an added dark purple marker/indicator. 


Actions (lightning bolt)

Selecting the Actions control opens the Actions panel.

By default it is set to create actions based on the learner clicking the text element, but you can choose other triggers by selecting See All.

You can quickly select an action for the click-on trigger from the list or select More... to view all available Actions.  

If any actions are set for the element the Actions Control icon will show an added dark purple marker/indicator. Selecting the icon will now display a list of the actions with an option to edit them or add more actions. 



Selecting the Lock control locks the image element's location on the page as well as its size. The image can still be changed or have other elements added over it. This option is only available on Claro pages.

When selected (element locked), the icon will be dark purple. On the Selection Control Bar above the stage you can no longer access: 

  • The element's Location fields (X and Y coordinates)
  • The Size fields (Width and Height)
  • The element Delete option.

You must unlock the element before it can be deleted from the page.


Edit Asset Properties

Selecting the Edit Asset Properties control opens the Edit Asset panel.

This shows:

  • The image Title
  • Its Description
  • Any Tags set for it in the Media Library.

You can edit these and select Ok to save your changes.

It also shows the Created By and Modified By metadata. 


Help (question mark)

Selecting the Help control opens the Image Help panel.

Selecting the article thumbnail will open the article in a modal window. The modal window has a button in the upper right corner to open the article in a new browser window.  

If more than one article is available, the panel will show carousel navigation.

The help articles are linked from the dominKnow Community site. 

A dark purple marker/indicator will be shown on the Help Control icon if the help articles have not been viewed or if new articles are available.

You can also select the Search link to search the community for help with any dominKnow | ONE topic.

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