Great ways to provide interactivity and visual design and improve translation

When you select an image element on the Page you can use the + icon to enter Edit Mode where you can add items to the image element as layers.

This opens the Add Elements on Top panel to the right of the stage:


You can add:

  • Labels
  • Markers
  • Hotspots
  • Other Images from the Media Browser or Media Library
  • Stock Images from the available collection
  • Characters from the available collection
  • Speech Bubbles
  • Thought Bubbles
  • Clip Art from the available collection
  • Icons from the Icon library
  • Shapes

When you add an item over an Image element, it can be positioned anywhere over the image or even outside of the image.

In Claro if you move the Image Element to a new location on the Page these added items retain their spatial relationship to the Image Element.

In Flow, the spatial relationship adjusts if the Image Element changes size due to responsive behavior.

Adding elements over an image offers a lot of creative and interactive potential:

  • You can layer elements over the image to create a composite image, with the layered elements timed to appear in sequence.
  • The items you add can be used as buttons on the image to trigger actions, like showing other content on the page.
  • They can also be the target of actions. For example, you can show a close-up image over part of the main image when a button on the page is clicked, or set labels to appear in synchronization with audio narration timing.

NOTE: If you have an action with an on-click trigger set on an element layered over an image (for example, a hotspot) plus an action with an on-click trigger set on the image element as a whole, both actions will be fired when the learner clicks on the layered element.


Any text added to these items (e.g., on Labels, Markers and Speech Bubbles) is included in dominKnow | ONE's translation export options.

A good way to use this strategy is to have an image of a chart or diagram without any text and use the Labels option to add text over the image.

When it comes time to translate you don't have to replace the image, and the label text will be exported out to provide to your translation team or vendor and then automatically updated when you import the translation file back into your dominKnow | ONE site.  

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