Adding Comments, plus QA for other features such as accessibility

When a Reviewer launches a course in a Review period or when an author launches a Full Project Preview, the top area of the course display has several tools to help with the review process, including the ability to:

  • Add comments to a page
  • Add comments to an element on the page and view accessibility details for elements
  • View the tab-focussed elements on the page
  • View the full details of a question page 

Adding a Page Comment

To add a Page Comment:

  1. Select the Comments button in the top row of the display.
  2. Select New Comment.
  3. Add the Comment text
  4. Select the arrow to submit the Comment.


Once the Comment is submitted, other Reviewers can Agree with it (like Up-voting) or add a Comment of their own.


Adding a Comment on a specific element on the page

To add a Comment to a specific element on a Page:

  1. Select the Comments button in the top row of the display.
  2. Select the Inline Comments toggle
  3. Select the element on the page.
  4. Select New Comment on the icons that appear.
  5. Add the Comment text
  6. Select the arrow to submit the Comment.

When your mouse is rolled over an element, selecting the "speech bubble" icon will show any previously-added comments for that element. 

Selecting the Accessibility icon will show the related accessibility settings for the element if any have been added, for example alt text for an image.

When a comment is added for an element, a "speech bubble" icon is displayed on it on the stage even if it the element isn't being moused-over. It can be selected to view the comments added for the element.

Switching the Comments panel location

If the Comments panel is covering important page content, you can switch the panel from the right side of the page to the left using the button at its edge.


Tab Focus

Turning on the Tab Focus feature will highlight on the page all the elements that can be tabbed to/through when navigating the page using a keyboard (for accessibility). 

Authors can set whether an element should be tab-focusable.

In this example page, the background image elements have tab-focus turned off. They are decorative, so turning off tab-focus for them improves the experience for a user navigating via the tab key with a screen reader, for example.


Question Details

On a Question page, the Reviewer can select the Question Details tab to see the full answer key for the question.

This can be accessed on scored Test Questions as well as on non-scored Practice Question pages.


Publish Targets

Selecting the Publish Targets option opens a panel displaying all Publish Target options available for the Project.

Selecting one of the options will reload the Project in the browser to reflect the selected Publish Target.

Publish Targets allow you to create one Project with content targeted for different learning audiences (such as Employees and Managers in this example) or learning contexts (such as formal learning courses for your LMS and Knowledge Bases for informal learning).  

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