The Insights panel provides a quick summary of Project statuses as well as links to many helpful features 

When you open a project for editing, instead of the Stage you'll see the Insights panel:


There are four columns of information available.

Depending on the width of your browser you may see two or more columns at a time. The dots at the top of the Insights panel help you navigate (slide) to see the other columns:


The first column focuses on getting you back to work quickly:


The Welcome Back message features your avatar and name, as well as the last page you had open for editing. You can click the page name or icon to go to that page for editing.

Below the welcome message, the My Recent Pages section lists pages you've recently worked on. Click on any page in the list to close Insights and jump to that page for editing.

The My Review Notes section displays recent Review Notes for the Project. The My Checked Out Items section displays pages that you currently have checked out for editing. You can use the icon to check the page back in. (Unlike the Commit process, this does not create a Version of the page.)


The second column focuses on the Project:


The top section displays high-level Project Properties. You can add a Hero Image for the Project (used in many places in dominKnow | ONE such as the cards for a Baseline Project as well as in published packages using themes like the Storyview theme) as well as edit the Project Properties by selecting the Edit option. 

The second section displays the Publishing Checklist status.

The Recent Published Packages section gives you quick access to re-download published packages.


The third column focuses on reviewing and Authors:


The Review Statistics section displays the status of the Project's Review Notes.

The Open Review Notes section displays notes yet to be completed. You can also Schedule a Review or Launch a Review from here.

The Assigned Reviewers and Assigned Authors shows which team members have been assigned at these respective roles.


The fourth column offers additional details about the Project:


If copies have been made of the Project, you'll see them listed in the Project Copies section.

The Project Lifecycles section displays any set lifecycle statuses.

If translations have been made, you'l see them listed in the Project Translations section.

And you'll see any files assigned as resources in the Project Resources section.

Statuses, data and tool access

At first glance, it's easy to recognize that the Insights panel provides quick information about the Project as you begin an editing session.

But it also provides some helpful tools, like being able to quickly return to editing recenet pages, modifying the Project Properties, scheduling a review or adding Resources.

So keep these helpful features in mind - they can often save a few clicks and some valuable time!

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