Step 1

After logging in, click on X on the Splash page to close the Splash page.

Step 2

Click on the Application Menu.

Step 3

Click on Publish

Step 4

Click on Targets

Step 5

Click on New Target

Step 6

Click on Name and enter the desired name of your PENS target. This is the name that will appear in your drop down.

Step 7

For Type, select PENS from the drop down menu

Step 8

Click on URL and enter your PENS end point - For example If unsure check with your LMS provider

Step 9

Click on User ID: Enter the correct ID to send data to the LMS and then enter the corresponding password.

Step 10

Select check box: Default if you wish this to be the default choice when publishing.

Step 11

Press button: Create to save the PENS target

Step 12

Click on X to close the Targets setup screen

Step 13

Click on Browse to locate the course you wish to publish

Step 14

Double click to open the course

Step 15

Click on the Publish quick link

Step 16

Click on LMS (Standards)

Step 17

Click on 2004 (3rd edition)

Step 18

Click on My Favorite LMS (the PENS name you selected)

Step 19

Click on Publish and the course will be sent over to the LMS

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