Step 1

To change a Section's background image, select an element in the Section.

Step 2

Select the Container Inspector element control.

Step 3

Select Section.

Step 4

In the Background options, select Image.

Step 5

The Media Background panel will open. Select Replace.

Step 6

Select Media Browser.

Step 7

Select the replacement image.

Step 8

Select Insert.

Step 9

Select the Container Inspector icon to close up its panels.

Step 10

The background image has been changed.

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Questions  ( 1 )

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     Asked one year ago    ramon.gutierrez   Editedone year ago    16   |   4  
    FLOW: I see we can add single background image. My question is can we add multiple layers stacked on top of each other. The top layers would be partially transparent to bottom layer. i.e. bottom image layer is clouds, but the middle layer would be a single airplane flying...the top transparent image would a second airplane flying next to it.
      Answers ( 2 )

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       Answered one year ago    ramon.gutierrez      16   |   4  
      Ray Gutierrez

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       Answered one year ago    Chris Van Wingerden      1085   |   7  
      Only a single image can be added as a background on a Section or an Element.

      So you could have an image background on the section then add image backgrounds to any elements in that Section, and this would create a two-level layer effect. You'd want to use transparent PNGs for the element background images in this case. This might help provide the effect you are looking for, you'd need to try it and see.

      For an image element, you can also add layered content over top, such as other images, labels or hotspots. This article covers adding a Label, but you can follow the same steps to add an image over an image element >>