How do you open a URL in a separate window?

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Posted   4 years ago

I am trying to have a link open in a separate browser window but not in a modal. Is that possible? and if so, how do you do it? 


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Posted   4 years ago
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You can add an interaction with some javascript. In Element Interactions pane, go to the Function field and click on the drop down and select Execute JavaScript. This not only enables you to have the URL open in a new window, but also gives you the ability to size and position that window.

Sample javascript to add 

window.open("http:/URL", "name", "width=1000,height=800,toolbar=0,scrollbar=1,menubar=1,statusbar=0");

And you only have to replace:"URL" and "name"


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4 years ago     Chris Van Wingerden     1357   |   7  

Thanks for sharing this! For folks reading this who haven’t tried creating a link to a URL, when you create this action the drop down settings we offer are to open the link in a modal window over the current page or to open the link in a new browser tab. This tip is really great for those times when you need to open in a totally new browser window rather than just a new tab.

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Yes Chris - and I love all the options we have - modal window, new tab or new browser window altogether. It depends on the experience you want your users to have.