Send text input and practice question answers to LMS with xAPI

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Posted   21 days ago


I have a module where there are a number of text inputs and practice questions (no formal quizzing), however they would like to record these responses in their xAPI supported LMS (no external LRS). In the publish settings, it looks like you can only send xAPI statemtents using the scored quizzing. 

Is there a way for me to send the responses to text inputs and practice questions to their LMS?





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avatar Paul Schneider   |    
Posted   20 days ago

If you use a SCORM (or xAPI) package and then send additional data to the LRS through the xAPI end point this can be done automatically.  (https://dki.io/568a3716)

If it is a conformant LRS you will be able to do this and then it is all automatic.

If the LRS is NOT conformant, you can send custom xAPI statements through the standard xAPI packages.  In this case you would set up your questions using our Form Input controls and then use a custom xAPI statement to send the variable data for the form Input control.  This will work without (and with) the the LRS end point.


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20 days ago     redmondd     21   |   5  

Hey Paul, I tried it in SCORM Cloud with an xAPI output, but the text inputs and practice questions responses were not reported. Is there something I need to check off to have those report?

20 days ago     Paul Schneider     637   |   8  

Yes sorry I wasn't clear. In SCORM cloud you need to look up your LRS end point URL, secret, and key - add that to dominKnow and then when you publish publish either xAPI or SCORM but in the analytics section pick the LRS end point you added. Then you will see that info for practice questions. For form input you need to set up custom statements.

avatar Luke Hickey   |    
Posted   20 days ago

Interaction data is only sent with xapi, not SCORM, when using inline or practice exercise. If you’re using form controls, xapi sends “input name” “interacted with”, the result is not sent, you could use a custom variable for that.

I’ll suggest including result in our backlog.


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19 days ago     redmondd     21   |   5  

Thanks Luke. I am exporting to xAPI and am storing their responses in variables. Is there a way to send the variables to an xAPI compliant LMS?

19 days ago     Chris Van Wingerden     1020   |   7  

You can send the value of a custom variable as a custom xAPI statement. For the Text Box inputs, the info stored to the variable test saves as the learner types or types some more info. There really isn’t a way to know when they’re finished. So it’s probably a good idea to give the learner an action to carry out to indicate that they have finished typing in the text box, like a button labelled “Finished” or “Complete”. That button can then have an action to send the value of the variable as a custom xAPI statement. This article walks through setting up a custom xAPI statement. xAPI: Creating a custom xAPI statement: Tutorial >> https://dki.io/f4ee41a0 At Step 15 you can right-click in the Response field and select the custom variable. That same “Complete” button could also hide the text box on the page so it can’t be edited further once done. You could replace it with a regular Text box displaying the value of the variable so they can see what was typed.

13 days ago     redmondd     21   |   5  

That worked great Chris, thanks!