dominKnow | ONE user meetup for authors in Europe, the UK, Africa and the Middle East

Get help, ask questions and learn more about dominKnow | ONE!

Like our other weekly author meetups, this session is a great opportunity for dominKnow | ONE authors to come and ask questions and get ideas and help on design challenges.

The sessions are open, no need to pre-register. Just click on the link to join the session!

If you haven’t joined one of these sessions yet, here’s are some of the topics that have been covered in past sessions: 

  • A discussion of some of the options available in dominKnow | ONE for using pre-testing to allow learners to test out of content and to track pre- and post-test results.
  • A presentation of a Claro project used in live online sessions, where learners make selections to determine project management resources. Their choices are fed to an online spreadsheet, and the class instructor then receives the individual choices for each learner in a second Claro project.
  • A discussion of ways to have learners evaluate their sense of confidence before and after taking a course as a measure of learning success.
  • A walk-through of Master Pages to create Headers and Footers in Flow and Claro projects
  • A walk-through of creating your own End Screens
  • A review of the translation processes available in dominKnow | ONE

Other author meetups

We also host a second weekly meetup at a time that typically better suits our North American authors.

You'll find the meetup details for these sessions right here at this link >> Weekly dominKnow | ONE User Meetups - General Info 

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