Step 1

Select the Reveal Component on the page.

Step 2

To edit the content within the Reveal, select the Edit Icon in the Inline Toolbar, or double-click the Reveal.

Step 3

Select the Tab 1 Heading to edit it and we'll add text for you.

Step 4

Select the Text within the Tab 1 to edit it and we'll add text for you.

Step 5

To add an Icon to the Tab, select the Do More heading.

Step 6

Select the three-dot menu in the Inline Toolbar.

Step 7

Select Options.

Step 8

Select Left Icon under Label.

Step 9

Select the Checkmark from the Pick an Icon popup.

Step 10

Select Ok.

Step 11

Select Tab 2, and we’ll rename the tab for you.

Step 12

To delete a content layout within a tab, select the Text Placeholder within the All-In-One tab.

Step 13

In the Select Control Bar, select Delete.

Step 14

Select Delete.

Step 15

To add a new laytout, select the + icon within the All-In-One tab.

Step 16

You can use the options to add specific content to this new layout. Select the Single-Body Content option.

Step 17

To add an image to the Placeholder, select the Image icon.

Step 18

Select the image ShareContent_grey.

Step 19

Select Insert.

Step 20

The image is added. Use the + icon at the bottom of the component to add more content layouts to the Tab. To add a new tab, select the + Icon at the bottom of the component.

Step 21

New Tab is added. To delete a tab, Select New Tab.

Step 22

In the Select Control Bar, select Delete.

Step 23

Select Delete.

Step 24

The tab is deleted. The tab is Select the three-dot menu in the Inline Toolbar. Have access to the Options, Styles and FX tabs, Accessibility panel, and add a New Comment, or Delete the component.

Step 25

Select Options.

Step 26

The Options and Style tabs have a number of control and design options for the Reveal Component as a whole. You can change the Orientation, Respond At (in Flow), Enable/Disable Justified, Enable/Disable Sequential, Enable/Disable Start Unopened, Add Content, Enable/Disable Controls, Starting layout, Adjust the Shape of the tabs, Color, Opacity and Background Fill. Use the FX tab to add effects to the component. Note: When in Essentials, only a limited number of Options are shown. To see all Options, make sure you are in Designer Mode. In the Options tab, under Orientation select Option 2.

Step 27

To fix the Layout of the Reveal select the Down Arrow icon under Layout.

Step 28

Select Option 2.

Step 29

The Layout of the Reveal Component has changed. Select the Page to return to the Page content.

Step 30

Preview the Current Page to see how the Reveal Component will look and behave for your learners.

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