dominKnow | ONE Summer 2021 Feature Release 

Authoring interface changes, new authoring features headline the list of hundreds of overall changes in dominKnow | ONE 7.4

The Summer 2021 Feature Release will begin rolling out to client sites starting June 18 in a series of phases. 

Enterprise client sites will be updated per the standard SLA terms. 

This is the biggest feature release yet for dominKnow | ONE, and there's a lot to know about. 

We've grouped the changes together into two lists: New Features and Improved Features.

Last month we also released some updates to the Capture feature's application. You can learn about those changes here.

Overview Webinar Recording

Want to see more about these new features?

Here's a link to the recording of our overview webinar, held on June 22.

Check it out!


New Element Controls

When you select an element on the stage, you’ll see it bound in a purple box. You’ll also see a set of icon circles. These are the new Element Controls. These will vary slightly for different elements, and even in between Claro and Flow (there is a Lock control in Claro, but not in Flow, for example.) 

Here's an overview of the Element Controls for a Text Element.

Here's an overview of the Element Controls for an Image Element.

Inline Help as You Work on Your Page

One of the new Element Controls is a Help icon. When an author selects it, a panel card is opened showing the available help articles from our dominKnow Community site for that type of element. When the author selects the help article card, it’s opened in a modal window within dominKnow | ONE, with an option to open it in a new browser window or tab.

New Add To Your Page Workflow 

As you work in Flow or Claro, you can select the Add to Your Page button above the Stage to open the Add to Your Page panel.

In Claro, the Add To Your Page panel lets you add  elements to the current page. In Flow, it lets you add  elements in a new section  to the current page. You can also set Favorites as well as save Sections in Flow and Layers in Claro as a personal library of templates.

Here's an overview of the Add To Your Page panel.  

Ribbon On/Off Toggle

The Ribbon toggle lets you control whether or not the full Ribbon interface is shown as you author. 

The new Add to Your Page workflow means that the Ribbon isn't needed for most common authoring activities, and Toggling the Ribbon off simplifies the authoring interface and frees up stage height. 

Updated Reviewer and Commenting Experience 

This feature release adds some new features for content reviews and adds new workflows for adding comments while authoring and for viewing and resolving comments. 

You can learn about these in the Reviews and Comments Collection here in the dominKnow Community site.

Full-site search for Pages, Questions and Learning Objects 

A new workflow helps authors find Pages, Questions or Learning Objects across all available Projects in the site. Admins can set Projects as searchable for authors who don't have default authoring permission.

Learn more about the new full-site Search feature.  

Saving Flow Sections and Claro Layers as Favorites 

At any time as you author you can select a Section on a Flow page or a Layer on a Claro page and add it to your own favorites for all your projects or add it as a favorite available to anyone working collaboratively in the current Project.

Learn more about saving Flow sections as Favorites. (The process is identical for Claro Layers.)

Three New Question Types 

Three new question types – Scenario, Hotspot Image (Image Map) and Software Simulation – provide new ways to assess your learners and provide practice and review activities. All three can be added as scored Test questions or as non-scored Practice questions. 

Learn more about Adding a Hotspot Image question to your Project.

Learn more about Adding a Scenario question to your Project.

Learn more about Using Capture lessons as scored Test questions or non-scored Practice questions.

Five New Interactive Exercise Activities 

This feature release includes five new interactive Exercise activities: 

  • Multiple Pulldowns 
  • Fill in the Blanks 
  • Click the Word 
  • Drag the Word 
  • Sorting  

These all provide new ways of helping your learners practice new knowledge skills and demonstrate their understanding of key topics. 

We’ve set up a sample where you can see all of these new activities in action right here

New Scroll Effects for elements on a Flow Page 

This feature release adds a dozen scrolling-based effects with a greater amount of author control to help create even better learning experiences.

We've set up a sample where you can see some of these new scrolling FX in action right here.


Here are other new things added as part of this feature release:

  • You now have the ability to hide a page so that is does not display in the player outline.
  • You can now upload and store any files used for the production of your project for future reference in the Media Library Source Files area as well as add them as a project resource.
  • The Animate tab has been replaced by an FX context tab.
  • You can now add metadata to your media files to detail information such as permissions, rights, terms, license, attributions, etc.
  • You can now generate a media metadata and compliance report for your projects.
  • You can now access the publish checklist from the selection control bar and the Share menu in addition to the previous locations of the app menu and Insights panel.
  • You now have the ability to create multiple classes of permissions for your authors and assign a role to an author with an expiration date.
  • You can now access History by selecting it from the Edit options on the Quick Links at the top of the screen.
  • You can now rename a project from the page control bar.
  • Target pages are now included in the file when a project is published as a document.
  • You can now contact support, view user guides or search the community via the question mark on the quick tools at the top right of the screen.
  • You can now change layers or add new layers via the page control bar.
  • Theme page Backgrounds are now available via the Fill button on the selection control bar.
  • You can now access the Stock Library via the Media Browser.
  • dominKnow | ONE now supports CMI5 publish standard. 
  • CMI5 publishing support has been added for Convey.
  • You can now access the On Device QR code via the Preview button on the quick tools.
  • An unsupported browser notice has been added for authors logging in using Internet Explorer 10/11 and Edge 25.
  • You now have the ability to generate a shareable link for a current project that can be used to import a copy of the project into another dominKnow | ONE system.
  • You can now record a new simulation or browse existing simulation from the new Add To Your Page panel.
  • Components now have a gutter option which, when enabled, sets a 15 pixel padding around elements within components.
  • In Flow, you can now add new rows with 5 or 6 placeholders.
  • There is now a publishing profile option to hide invalid modules from the outline.
  • Text quick tools now have an Actions button which allows you to quickly add actions to pieces of text within a text element.
  • You can now set custom stage dimensions for Claro projects.
  • Claro projects will now default to have See All Layers enabled.
  • Site administrators can now set the feature, Merge All Layers, to be on or off by default.
  • Claro now supports Master Pages.
  • A Bounce animation has been added to the available effects.
  • You can now customize the color and CSS of a button via the Style tab.
  • You can now set a custom color to Shape outlines.
  • There is now a publishing profile option that when enabled allows the user to override any forced sequential settings on published projects when the correct key sequence is used.
  • You can now choose to match the height and/or width of elements when multiple elements are selected on the page in Claro projects.
  • New player controls have been added to play, replay, pause and mute narration.
  • Claro projects can now add an action to a page which displays another page from the project in a light box.
  • A new publishing profile option has been added which allows the Forward button to remain enabled for previously visited pages.
  • It is now possible to copy master pages from other projects and baselines.
  • A variable has been added to display the current year.
  • You can now enable module titles to display when creating a Course Player theme.
  • You can now enable the Mute button when creating a Course Player theme.
  • Administrators now have the ability to lock publishing profiles.
  • The Set Variable action now has the option to Fire Once Per Project or Fire Once Per Page.


Scenario Builder Custom Characters and Backgrounds and Test Question Use 

You can now add custom characters and background images in the Scenario Builder. We’ve created a downloadable Photoshop file for authors to use when adding their own characters to ensure the character images work properly within the responsive scenarios as well as a simple upload option for background images. Both are available as part of the workflow when creating a scenario.

Theme Designer Improvements

A number of improvements have been made to the Theme Designer:

  • Padding on labels can now be set via the Theme Designer.
  • There is a new feature in the Theme Designer which allows you to set the margin and indent for Lists.
  • You can now set the corner radius for Shapes in the Theme Designer.
  • Line height can now be set in the Typography section of the Theme Designer.
  • You can now set your tables to stretch to fit the page and set default table colors via the Theme Designer.
  • Glossary term link color can now be set from the Theme Designer.
  • You can now set background fill colors and images for both pages and the player.
  • Course Player and Nova themes now have the option to enable access to the bibliography from the menu.
  • You can now set separate fonts for different languages via the Theme Designer.
  • Custom links can now be set to open in a light box via the theme designer.
  • You can now add a drop shadow to Draw shapes and set the intensity of the shadow via theme designer.
  • You can now set your Submit and Try Again buttons in assessments to use the default style or a drop shadow style via the theme designer.

Also, the Theme Selector has a new look. In addition to the new aesthetic, your results are now automatically filtered to display only themes that work for fixed pixel, responsive and/or Right To Left depending on your project's settings. You can also edit, duplicate and create new variants from the selector, and access the selector from the selection control bar. 


Here are other improvements made to existing features as part of this feature release:

  • Examine mode has been updated to be more intuitive when editing content in components like Tab Sets and Carousels as well as when adding content over Images and Videos.
  • The authoring stage in Flow now grows dynamically as content is added to the page with a scroll bar appearing as needed.
  • The Edit and Duplicate buttons have been moved from the Page Control Bar to the Selection Control Bar and provides information about who is currently editing the page. 
  • Administrators can now access the Publish Checklist manager directly from the checklist.
  • The Restore link has also been moved to the Selection Control Bar for previously deleted pages and displays information about who deleted the page.
  • The user profile menu has a new look and now allows you to set your workspace mode.
  • All pages of a project will be available for edit by default when importing a translation file.
  • A new warning message has been added to any shared learning object when a user attempts to edit. The warning informs the user that any changes made to the page will be reflected in all other projects sharing that learning object.
  • Elements on elements in both Claro and Flow, will now insert automatically on the center of the element.
  • Project Properties will no longer display properties that are not applicable to the specific project. The Notes tab has also been removed as they can now be viewed by selecting the Comments tab on the left panel.
  • Publishing profile options have been added to enable/disable the sending of xAPI statements for question elements.