Aggregate All Page Notes on a Page and Print

Allowing students to take notes while they take a course is a common request.  This article will show you one basic method of creating that feature.  It involves understanding variables, input components, and triggers/actions.

Start by adding a Basic Input component to a page.


Select the Basic Input component you just added and add a new variable from the Options menu.


Repeat these steps for all of your pages that will have the Note Taking feature for your users.  But be sure to create a unique variable for each component.

Collecting all notes to one page and Print

If you want your users to be able to print their notes before leaving your course you will create a page with Rich Text fields using the variables to display the notes that the user has written.  You will also add a Button to the page and add the Print Action.

Your page will look something like the image below.


Remember:  The notes that your users will type into the Basic Input components are saved in the variables you added to those components.  Your printable page uses Rich Text elements to display the input from those variables.  Once your cursor is in the Rich Text field type {{ and the variable popup will display.  Your variables will be listed in the Custom Variables section.

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