Special "Share and Tell" on AI in dominKnow | ONE at our weekly author meetups May 22 and 23

Hear how one client team has incorporated AI into its dominKnow | ONE  learning content and overall learning experience  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in a pretty bright spotlight these days, and we know a lot of dominKnow | ONE clients have been thinking about the roles it can play in the development processes and in learning content itself.

Our client team Welbee started incorporating AI in its dominKnow  | ONE courses over the past year. Welbee provides courses and learning content for school staff well-being in the UK and US. Their use of AI has focused on helping learners understand course content plus as an over-all well-being tool.

Tim Handley, instructional designer for Welbee, will join us at our open author meetup sessions on May 22 and 23 for a special “share and tell” session. He’ll show us how Wellbee is using its AI solutions in dominknow | ONE courses and share some of the lessons he’s learned over the past year and his reflections on the role AI can play in instructional design.

These sessions are open to any dominKnow | ONE authoring team, no need to pre-register, just use these links to join a session:

Wednesday May 22, 9 am EDT

Thursday, May 23, 11 am EDT

Haven’t heard about our weekly author meetup sessions?

They’re a great opportunity for any dominKnow | ONE author to drop in, ask questions and get help, or even just listen in on what others want to learn about. For more information, check out this article in our Community site. 

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