The dominKnow | ONE Games Development Workshop is a virtual, instructor-led training class that focuses on the uses of objects, actions, variables, and conditions to create sophisticated game-like learning activities. Through hands-on exercises you will experience best practices that apply to real projects right away.

Current Schedule

  • June 25 and 26, 2024
    • 9am - 12pm ET
    • 9am - 12pm ET
  • October 22, 2024
    • 9am - 4pm ET

How do I sign up? Costs?

Interested in registering for the class or have questions, please contact us:

Cost is: $800 per person. 

For private classes, please contact us for pricing and specifics.

About the Instructor

Eddie Javor has developed hundreds of e-learning modules and has served as an instructor for 5 years. Having earned his bachelor’s in graphic design at the University of Georgia, Mr. Javor has studied graphical user interface design and the progressing trends of technology-based learning. Mr. Javor brings real world experiences and industry best practices for e-learning development to the classroom.


Session 1

  • Programming and gaming foundational concepts and best practices
  • Basics of actions, variables, and conditions in dominKnow Flow
  • Interactive game dissection and analysis
  • Develop an interactive game in dominKnow Flow

Session 2

  • Develop an interactive game in dominKnow Flow, continued
  • Analyze game design prototypes

Class Preparation

  • You will need to download and unzip the provided class files. Contact your training coordinator for access to the files.
  • A secondary monitor is recommended: one on which to view the instructor, one on which to do the hand-on activities.


  • Experience with dominKnow | ONE: Flow / Completed standard dominKnow | ONE training.
  • Proficiency using a Web browser
  • Basic Windows/Mac knowledge, including the ability to:
    • Launch applications using the Start menu
    • Use the taskbar to switch between Windows applications
    • Use Windows Explorer, to navigate the file structure, change the view of file listings, move and copy files, and create new folders (or directories)
    • Copy and paste text

Claro or Flow?

While the gaming principles and examples will be presented and practiced in Flow, all aspects of gaming can be applied to content you develop in Claro. With Flow and Claro virtually all actions, triggers and features are identical, with the primary differences being in how pages are designed and operate.

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    Posted 2 years ago prabha10 198   |   6  
    I just wanted to thank all involved in creating and delivering this workshop. It was excellent, I learned a lot and really enjoyed the instructor and fellow students. I thought the pace was perfect for someone with industry experience but new(ish) to dominKnow. The materials and presentation were awesome, there was a great mix of game theory and hands on in the tool allowing for lots of “aha” moments and creative thinking. Overall it was an extremely valuable experience 😊 (and fun!)

    Congratulations on a job well done!