The dominKnow | ONE Games Development Workshop is a virtual, instructor-led training class that focuses on the advanced uses of objects, actions, variables, and conditions to create sophisticated game-like learning activities. Through hands-on exercises you will experience best practices that apply to real projects right away.

Current Schedule

  • February 1
    • 9am - 4pm ET 
  • June 7 and 8: Two half days
    • 9am - 12pm ET
  • September 6
    • 9am - 4pm ET 


How do I sign up? Costs?

Interested in registering for the class or have questions, please contact us:

Cost is: $800 per person. 

For private classes, please contact us for pricing and specifics.

About the Instructor

Eddie Javor has developed hundreds of e-learning modules and has served as an instructor for 5 years. Having earned his bachelor’s in graphic design at the University of Georgia, Mr. Javor has studied graphical user interface design and the progressing trends of technology-based learning. Mr. Javor brings real world experiences and industry best practices for e-learning development to the classroom.


Session 1

  • Programming and gaming foundational concepts and best practices
  • Basics of actions, variables, and conditions in dominKnow Flow
  • Interactive game dissection and analysis
  • Develop an interactive game in dominKnow Flow

Session 2

  • Develop an interactive game in dominKnow Flow, continued
  • Analyze game design prototypes

Class Preparation

  • You will need to download and unzip the provided class files. Contact your training coordinator for access to the files.
  • A secondary monitor is recommended: one on which to view the instructor, one on which to do the hand-on activities.


  • Experience with dominKnow | ONE: Flow / Completed standard dominKnow | ONE training.
  • Proficiency using a Web browser
  • Basic Windows/Mac knowledge, including the ability to:
    • Launch applications using the Start menu
    • Use the taskbar to switch between Windows applications
    • Use Windows Explorer, to navigate the file structure, change the view of file listings, move and copy files, and create new folders (or directories)
    • Copy and paste text
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    Posted 5 months ago prabha10 189   |   6  
    I just wanted to thank all involved in creating and delivering this workshop. It was excellent, I learned a lot and really enjoyed the instructor and fellow students. I thought the pace was perfect for someone with industry experience but new(ish) to dominKnow. The materials and presentation were awesome, there was a great mix of game theory and hands on in the tool allowing for lots of “aha” moments and creative thinking. Overall it was an extremely valuable experience 😊 (and fun!)

    Congratulations on a job well done!