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The dominKnow Customer Community, where you are now, is one the best places to start.

In the community you can:

  • Search and find articles and tips and tricks on different topics
    • The search will include not only general articles but the full User Guide and Training Guides in your results.
    • Select Discover -> Collections and zero in on a specific area of interest and peruse curated articles on that topic.
  • Ask questions:
    • On any article/item you can rate it, post a comment or a question.
    • Not finding an answer, click on Ask Question and post your question to the community.

    Additional Options

    • Search the User Guide directly. The Use Guide provides step by step instructions and information about all dominKnow | ONE features.
    • Review the Training Guides (Access Getting Started to view all training guides.) for key topics and how to articles.

    dominKnow | ONE Customer Meetups

    Join our Virtual Customer Meetups:

    • We have regular customer meetups where clients can talk to other clients and share best practices. These are informal meetups where you can share questions, ideas, collaborate and learn more about what you can do with dominKnow | ONE.

    dominKnow | ONE Training

    We have a few different training options:


    Support Team

    All licenses include standard support. Support is where you want to turn if:

    • You have an issue/problem with something not working as expected or intended.
    • You have a feature suggestion.
    • You have a question and need help.

    To access standard support: When logged into dominKnow | ONE, select Support -> Contact Us and enter your request. 

    NOTE: If you have additional attachments (e.g., Images) to share with the support team, once you submit the ticket you will receive an auto-reply. You can reply to that ticket and add any attachments/images that are relevant, and they will be saved with this case.


    If you have premium support from this page, use the number listed and call us directly to speak to a live support team member or you can email support directly at

    NOTE: If you email support directly, please include the URL you use to log into dominKnow | ONE and the name of your company so the team can better assist you. (This information is automatically communicated when you put in a support request directly from within dominKnow | ONE.)

    Getting Support for dominKnow | ONE


    Support: Creating Tickets

    When submitting a ticket, including the following details will greatly speed up our replies and ability to more quickly resolve your issues.

    NOTE: If you have more than one issue, please always open a new ticket for each separate issue. Likewise when opening a new issue do not reply to a previous issue, please open a new ticket.  If you believe the issues are related, do mention that ticket # appears to be related.

    1. If submitting ticket through email, include your URL/domain name: E.g., and your account/business name.
    2. Provide a short description of the problem and the business impact. E.g., I attempt to publish my course as a SCORM package, and I am getting an error. The course is ready, and we need to make it available to students on Monday September 9th.
    3. Provide information on what browser and operating system you experience the problem.
    4. If specific to a project, provide the project name and project ID (found in course properties and insights).
    5. Provide step by step instructions on how to replicate the issue (if possible).
    6. Provide information on what you would expect to happen and what is actually happening.
    7. If performance or speed related, please provide details about your network speed, speed experienced (e.g., this action took 32 seconds, normally it takes 2-4 seconds), and time and day and time zone you experienced the problem

    If you have screen shots or other details, please provide this. More information is always better.

    Capture Errors

    If you are using the dominKnow | ONE Capture product and have an issue, it is generally helpful to, in addition to a description of the steps, to include the Capture Log file.  This can be obtained in the following locations:

    • On Mac: Log files can be seen using the console application (in the Other/Utilities) under ~/Library/Logs/dominKnowCapture
    • On Windows: Log files can be found in C:\ProgramData\dominKnowCapture\Logs

    Outlook Templates for Support

    One way to make it easier for your team is to create an outlook template that users can use when creating tickets.

    Here are a few articles on how to create and add a template:


    We have created an Outlook Template for dominKnow Support tickets that you are free to download and use.


    Once you create a template you can PIN it to your outlook bar.  

    1. Right click on the Outlook icon in the Task Bar
    2. At the top you will see your Template (if you used it recently). Right click on the Template and Choose Pin to this List

    The next time you need to send in a ticket, right click on Outlook in the Task bar and then click on the template.

    Support: Support Ticket Portal 

    When you submit a ticket, all tickets are logged in our support portal and tied to your email address. 

    If you submit a ticket via email and cc or include another person in the to field, they will also have access to that ticket in the support portal.

    Using our support portal, you can access all of your tickets at any time to review the current status and information. You can also update or add information to an individual ticket through this portal.


    To access the support portal goto:

    Click "Sign In" in the upper right corner.

    If you have never been to the portal, create a login following the instructions on this screen and using the same email address as you used when submitting tickets.

    Once your login is created you can log into the portal. To see your tickets, click on My Activities.



    From the My Activities you can:

    • Search for specific requests
      • Hint: Make sure you use the search request search right above the requests.
    • Filter by Status
    • View tickets you are a contributor on or following
    • Review a ticket and update or request additional information about this issue.

    DISCLAIMER: The dominKnow support team does NOT provide programming/coding support for the creation of CSS and JavaScript elements when creating your dominKnow | ONE content. 

    Viewing Tickets from Other Team Members

    In some cases you may wish to enable another team member to have access to a given support ticket, or as a manager of your team, you may wish to be able to view all tickets within your organization.


    Individual Ticket Collaboration

    For individual ticket collaboration simply add the individual(s) on the to or cc fields when submitting the tickets. All individuals will then receive copies of all updates and can add additional information as needed.


    Larger Teams: Viewing Organization Tickets

    In the case of a larger team you can request user(s) in your organization to have the ability to View and Edit their own tickets (default) or View all tickets from your organization. Larger team managers often choose the second option so they can access the dominKnow ticket portal and be able to view all tickets reported by their organization team members. 

    If you wish to make this change to your user account, please create a dominKnow support ticket and request that your Organization be setup to support this option and change your individual view status to enable your ability to see all Organization tickets.

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