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    00:00  Select the Multiple Choice Question on the page.
    00:04  Select the Options tab.
    00:08  The Option and Style tabs have a number of settings, and design options for the True or False Question component as a whole. You can add numbering, change the question settings, add a variable, change the selection background color, and change the variation of the question. Select a,b,c under Numbering to add numbers/letters before each choice.
    00:12  The lettering is added. To edit the content within the True or False Question, double click on it.
    00:16  To change the text on each choice, double click a) Option 1. Add text.
    00:20  The text is changed. To change the correct answer of the question, select b) Option 2.
    00:24  In the Options tab, select Is Correct under Choices.
    00:28  The Correct answer is changed. To add another correct choice, select c) Option 3.
    00:32  In the Options tab, select Is Correct under Choices.
    00:36  A second correct choice is added. To add a new choice, within the Options tab select Add under Choices.
    00:40  The new choice is added. To remove a choice, select d) New Option.
    00:44  In the Options tab, select Remove under Choices.
    00:48  Select Delete.
    00:52  The choice has been deleted. By pressing the up and down arrows under # of Attempts in the Settings section, you can give the user more than one attempt to answer the question correctly. Select the up arrow.
    00:56  The # of Attempts changed from 2 to 3. By pressing the up and down arrows under Max Selections in the Settings section, you can set the max amount of choices a user can select. Select the down arrow.
    01:00  The Max Selections changed from 3 to 2. Select the Exit button to leave edit mode and return to the main Page content.
    01:04  Preview the Current Page to see how the Question will look and behave for your learners.
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