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    00:00  You can change the text for the heading, instructions (if any) and the question by editing the respective element on the Stage. Select the question text element.
    00:04  Select the pencil icon to edit the element.
    00:08  Select the question text element once more and we'll add text for this example.
    00:12  Select outside the element to save the text changes.
    00:16  To make changes to the other settings for the question, select the Question tab.
    00:20  Select Choices
    00:24  The Edit Question Properties panel opens. For True or False questions, use the Answer: menu to set the correct response. Select the Answer: menu.
    00:28  Select False.
    00:32  Select Feedback.
    00:36  The Question Feedback panel opens. When you add a question, it is set to use the default feedback for the Project. Click into the text edit area and we'll add Correct response feedback for this question.
    00:40  Select the Incorrect Feedback option.
    00:44  Click into the text edit area and we'll add Incorrect response feedback for this question.
    00:48  Select Done.
    00:52  The Feedback panel will close. To complete your changes, you need to save them. Select Update.
    00:56  The changes will be saved and the Properties panel will close.
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