Step 1

In the upper left corner of the interface, select New.

Step 2

Select Import PowerPoint.

PowerPoint files can only be used to create Claro content. This is because PowerPoint pages have fixed dimensions plus content elements on the page are added in layers, which aligns with how pages are structured in Claro. Flow pages are structured very differently so they can resize based on the screen they are being viewed on, and that difference means PowerPoint files can't be easily converted into Flow content.

Step 3

Select Choose File.

If your PowerPoint file is more than 20MB, divide it into two or more files and import them separately. You can then merge the imported content back into one course using dominKnow | ONE's Copy From feature, which lets you copy content from one course or project into another.

Step 4

Browse to and select the PPT or PPTX file you wish to upload. Select Open.

Step 5

The upload process includes an Analysis step. Once that is completed you can finish the import process. Select Import.

Step 6

After selecting import you will see status bars for the Extracting and Building stages of the import process. The new Project will open, showing the Insights over the authoring Stage. You can now edit any of the pages, as well as add more pages and test questions.

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