Step 1

Select the Review tab

Step 2

Select the Reviewer Notes button

Step 3

The Reviewer Notes panel will open. For this example, select the checkbox beside the first note.

Step 4

Select the checkbox beside the last Reviewer Note.

Step 5

When you select more than one Reviewer Note the right hand panel changes its display. To send these two notes to other Platform users as a summary, select the Send Summary button.

Step 6

On the Summary Status Report panel, select the checkboxes beside the Platform users who should receive the report. In this example, select just the first user.

Step 7

You can edit the default message text (shown here) if you wish. Select the Send button to send the report.

Step 8

The selected users will receive an email with an attached Excel file listing the selected Reviewer Notes. Click the X in the upper right corner to close the Reviewer Notes panel.

Step 9

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