Learn how to add a Variable to Elements within a video, to show an Element once the Variable is triggered. 

To start, setup your page with the following:

  • Add a Video to the page, with two Markers, and one Label within the Video.
  • Apply the following Options to the Video: Autoplay, Hide Controls, Hide Play Head.
  • Remove the Entrance and Exit Effect from the Label.
  • Add an action to Pause the video at 2 seconds using the Video Timeline.
  • Add an action to Play the Video once the Label is clicked.
  • Add an action to the Label to hide all elements within the video once clicked, with a 1 second fade and .500 second delay using the Timer. 
    • Note: In order for the hide action on the Label button to work when clicked, there must be a delay so that the Video Element is shown on the Video Timeline before it is hidden from the Label action. 

Setting Markers on a Video to Increase a Variable

Once the page is setup, you will have to set both Markers within the Video to increase a Variable by 1 (Firing once) once the Marker is clicked.

Check out the lesson below to learn how to do this:



Using a Variable to Show a Label within a Video

Now that the Markers have the Variable set, we need to add a Trigger to show the Label once the Variable hits 2. 

Check out the lesson below to learn how to do this:



The video is now setup to show the markers, once both are viewed, the continue label will show.


In order for the Element Actions take effect, the Elements Entrance and Exit time within the Video Timeline must be adjusted.

The Entrance and Exit times of the Elements within the Video Timeline, should Start and End to match the Element Actions. 

Suggested Video Timeline Setup for lessons:

  • Move the Label to start at 2.5 seconds, and end at 3 seconds.
    The label will Show after the Markers are clicked, and start to Hide at the same time as the Element Actions Hide (Label is clicked).
    *Delay was needed on the Hide Action once the Label was clicked, to enable the Video Timeline to Show the Label before it is Hidden.
  • Move the Markers to end at 3 seconds with a .500 Fade Exit Effect (Fade starting at 2.5 seconds).
    The Markers will Hide on the Video Timeline at the same time as the Elements Actions Hide (Label is clicked).

Check out the Video Timeline setup used below:


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