Tweaks to make Capture work better for you

There are several default Capture settings that you can customize.

These are available under the Capture Preferences:

  • To access these on Windows, go to File > Preferences.
  • To access these on a Mac, go to Capture > Preferences.

There are four tabs available on the preferences panel.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can set your own preferences for the keyboard shortcuts used during the Capture process.


GIF Output

You can set the Quality, Downscale Quality and Frames Per Second for animated GIFs.

Adjusting these can have a dramatic effect on the GIF file size.   


Video Settings

On a Mac, you can set the Frames Per Second rate for the initial capturing process.

On Windows, you can set the Frames Per Second rate for the capturing process as well as choose to use an automatic bitrate or specify a bitrate.

Note: For Windows users, the Video Settings options are only active if you have installed the OpenH264 Video Codec.

You also have an option to install/uninstall the OpenH264 Video Codec.


Job Aid

If you have more than the default Job Aid Template available, you can select a template using the drop-down menu. This choice will be set until you return to this panel to change the template choice.

The Export Template button allows you to download the default template so you can edit it in Word.

The Add new Template button allows you to add a template after editing it.

The Delete template button allows you to remove a template (you can not remove the Default.)


Changes to these settings only apply to new Capture files that you create.


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