Publishing Profiles control a wide range of macro-behaviours for your Project, including settings for pre and Post Testing, Navigation and more

Many aspects of how your Project behaves for learners are controlled by the settings in a Publishing Profile.

You can have as many Publishing Profiles as you need to meet all the different contexts you have.  

To access the Publishing Profile settings for your Project:

  • Select the triangle icon (1) beside the Project name at the top of the interface
  • Select Properties (2)
  • The Project Properties panel will open. Its Project Properties section (3) displays the current Profile set for your Project.


You can select a different profile from the drop down list. 

Or you can select the ... button to view the Publishing Profile Editor where can can create new Profiles or edit existing Profiles. 

Important: If you edit an existing Publishing Profile, the changes you make will affect all Projects using that Profile. If there are projects that should not receive the changes you need to make, you can Duplicate an existing Profile and make changes to it.

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