The Accessibility Settings tab includes context-specific tips and advice to help you make content more accessible to all learners 

dominKnow | ONE helps you create WCAG 2.2 AA compliant content.

We've put a lot of work and thought into making sure the tool itself does as much of that work as possible for you, but there are always going to be some things an author has to do on their own to make sure their content is as accessible as possible.

To help with this, the Accessibility Settings Tab below the stage provides control over an element's accessibility settings plus context-specific tips and best practices you can use while you author.

To open it, select an element on the stage and select the Accessibility option under the three-dot Element Control icon or select the Accessibility Tab below the Stage:


When the Accessibility tab is open:

  • On the left side you can set whether the element should be focusable for a screen reader as well as add screen reader text and alt text (for elements like images). For media files you can also use the Edit button to edit the properties of the media file, for example to add a Closed Captioning file to a video.
  • On the right are advice and tips you can use while authoring to help make sure the element meets accessibility best practice guidelines as well as descriptions of how screen reader users will navigate the content.


The Accessibility tab is context-specific for the type of element selected on the Stage (so you'll see different information based on the type of element).

Here's short overview video: 



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