Allow learner choices or other triggers to adapt content

In addition to publishing content packages for different audiences, you can also use the Publish Targets to adapt content to audiences within one published package.

To support that, there's a Player Control action, Change Publish Target. 

A common example use case is allowing the learner to select their role at the start of a course which determines which Target content they will see.

Here's a link to a simple example course that puts that into action.

Publish Targets Sample - Performance Management Writing SMART Objectives >>

Here's what the Project Outline looks like:


The Project has four pages in total:

  • Welcome which has buttons for the learner to choose between Employee and Manager. The page is set to a Publish Target  "Extra".
  • A lesson page about writing SMART Objectives to be shown to both target audiences. The page is set for two Publish Targets, "Employees" and "Managers".
  • A page of content just for managers which has the Publish Target "Managers" applied.
  • A page of content just for employees which has the Publish Target "Employees" applied.

The link above is targeted for “Extra”, so it ONLY shows the Welcome page to begin.

The learner selects one of the buttons, which reloads the Project content for the chosen target ("Employees" or "Managers").

The Welcome page is now excluded since we don’t want to offer the choice to the learner any more.

The learner now sees two pages:

  • The common content page (since it's targeted for both "Employees" and "Managers", it will be included no matter which is chosen) and
  • Either the employee- or manager-only target content page.

Here's how you can set the Change Publish Target action up on a button, like we did in the sample.

With the button selected on the page, select the Actions icon (1).

On the panel that opens, select More... (2).

On the Triggers panel select Player Controls (3).

Select See More... (4).

The Element Interactions panel will open to the right of the Stage.

On the Function: drop down list, select Change Publish Target (5). It's the last item in the Content section of the drop down list.

On the Target: drop down list select Employees (6).

Select Apply (7).

This example has the Change Publish Target action being triggered by the learner clicking a button, but the action can be fired by by any Trigger event.

You could, for example, evaluate a custom variable such as a score to show different target content to the learner.

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