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    00:00  Double click to open the Question Page properties panel on the right side of the screen.
    00:03  Select the Question Tab
    00:06  Select Disable submit
    00:09  Select the Insert tab
    00:12  Select the Button Controls
    00:15  Select the first Standard Buttons icon.
    00:18  Select the single column row icon at the bottom of the screen.
    00:21  Select the Full Size button from the Options panel.
    00:24  Select the Interact tab.
    00:27  Select the Triggers Button.
    00:30  Select Is Interacted With... in the Selected Element section of the Select a Trigger panel.
    00:33  Select the Click option in the Mouse Events section.
    00:36  Select the Next button.
    00:39  Select the Assessment tab fromt he list on the left side of the panel.
    00:42  Select Submit Test Question.
    00:45  Select Next.
    00:48  Select the Apply button in the Element Interactions panel.
    00:51  Select Add button.
    00:54  Select Navigation and Branching.
    00:57  Select the Next option.
    01:00  Select the Next button.
    01:03  Select the Apply button.
    01:06  Select the Done button.
    01:09  Steps completed
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