Step 1

Select the Animate tab.

Step 2

Select Actions.

Step 3

Select Player Controls.

Step 4

Leave the Trigger: as After time elapsed… Leave the Timer as 0:0.0 (so the action gets fired immediately with no delay). Select the Function: drop down list.

Step 5

Select the Complete the course’s learning option.

Step 6

In the Conditions field we’ll use JavaScript to tell the action to be triggered only if all three variables are True. We'll enter the following information: {{CaptureComplete}} == true && {{ClaroComplete}} == true && {{FlowComplete}} == true The text in the double face brackets are the three vaiables. You can type them directly or access them to paste in by right-clicking, selecting Custom Variables then selecting each variable from the list. For this step, click into the Conditions field and we'll add the text in automatically.

Step 7

Select the Apply button.

Step 8

Steps completed.

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