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    00:00  Select the Interact tab.
    00:04  Select Triggers.
    00:08  In the Variables section, select More...
    00:12  To start, we'll set the Trigger (the event that needs to happen in order to enable the Next button). Select Variables.
    00:16  Select the Select a Variable drop-down list.
    00:20  Select the variable AllClicked.
    00:24  Select Ok.
    00:28  Since the Custom Variable is a number variable, the related set of options is now shown. Select Equal to.
    00:32  The Enter Value field is where you add in the value that you are checking for. For our example, we want to know when the AllClicked variable reaches a value of 3. Select the Enter Value field and we'll add in 3 for you.
    00:36  Select Next.
    00:40  Now that we've set the Trigger we need to set the Action that will be triggered (i.e., what will happen when the variable reaches 3.) Select Player Controls.
    00:44  Select Enable Next Button.
    00:48  Select Next.
    00:52  The Page Actions and Timings panel will open to the right of the Stage so you can confirm the settings that have been chosen. Select Apply.
    00:56  The action has been added. You will need to use the Full Project Preview to confirm that the action is working.
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