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    00:00  In this example, we have an image of a double carat that we'll use as the element the learner will click on. Select the image on the page.
    00:04  Select the Interact tab.
    00:08  Select Actions.
    00:12  Select Functions and Variables.
    00:16  Select Set Variable.
    00:20  Select Next.
    00:24  On the panel that opens to thr right of the Stage, leave the Triger: set to When clicked and the Timer set to 0:0.0. Since this is the first Custom Variable we're creating, there are no variables available under the Variable: dropdown, so it is set to New Variable. You use the Name: field to type in the name of the new variable. For this example, we'll name the variable "AllClicked." Click the Name field and we'll add the name in for you.
    00:28  The Operator sets the type of value change we want to use to set the value of the variable. By default it is set to "=", which would set the value to a specific amount. We want clicking the button to increase the variable's value by 1, so select the Operator drop down list.
    00:32  Select "+=".
    00:36  The Value field is where you set how much the variable will increase by. Click the Value field and we'll add in "1".
    00:40  To prevent the learner from increasing the variable's value repeatedly by clicking this button, we'll set this action to Fire Once. Select the checkbox beside Fire Once:.
    00:44  Click Apply to complete and save the set up of this action.
    00:48  The action is now shown on the Element Interactions list.
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