Make it easy for learners to send an email if they have questions or need more information

There are many use cases where you want to make it easy for your learners to send an email as part of taking a course, reviewing a job aid or looking for information in a searchable Knowledge Base.

To do this, you set up the action as a Link to a Website, but change the protocol to mailto: instead of https://.

Here's an example using a button on a page:

  1. Select the Actions Icon (lightning bolt) on the button element (1)
  2. On the panel that opens select Link to a Website (2)
  3. On the Link to a URL panel that opens to the right of the stage, select the Protocol drop down list (3)
  4. Select Mailto: (4)

After that, just add the email address to the Address field (hidden by the Protocol drop down list in this image) then elect Update at the bottom of the panel.

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